HyperX will be bought by HP at a price of $ 425 million


HyperX has been acquired by HP, paying Kingston $ 425 million to give them control over the company

HP has announced that it is buying HyperX for $ 425 million. In case you don’t know, HX is a company dedicated to the production of video game peripherals. The significance of this cannot be ignored, as it will give HP a larger role in the market for peripherals or accessories on the market. This transaction is being carried out between HP and Kingston, the company that currently owns it.

If you are afraid of what this might mean, HP has reported that Kingston will keep its products for gamers, including its flash, SSD and DRAM products. If they use products and are used to the companion app of the brand (Ngenuity), it will continue to be used for now. These products may be incorporated into Omen in the future, but HP has rejected the possibility today.

What motivated this purchase? It happens that HP has tried to enter this peripheral market with its own brand called Omen. However, their attempts do not appear to have achieved the results they desired, without being able to take on Logitech and Razer. Will it have any impact on the company’s production? It is possible, but the extent of the changes will only be known in future months and years.

HyperX is one of the most popular brands in this market. They have several lines and these have had impressive results. For example, the line of Cloud headsets, which are some of the best sellers on the market. Apart from this, they are also dedicated to making quality keyboards and microphones. Their ads have not stopped and portray the production of a company that continues to launch new products. We will see.


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