Chinese scientists claim to have achieved ” chant supremacy ” with their quantum computer, which, although still in the prototype phase, is already capable of performing certain calculations 10,000 million times faster than the 53 qubit / qubit quantum computer developed by Google.

To demonstrate their performance, the team of scientists used a classic simulation algorithm: Gaussian boson sampling (GBS). As a result, the average number of photons detected by the Chinese prototype was 43, although up to 76 clicks of emitted photons were observed , which translates to being 100 billion times faster than the fastest supercomputer out there.

“No traditional computer can perform the same task in a reasonable time and it is unlikely that the speed will be surpassed by classical algorithms or hardware improvements”, they indicate in the study collected by the journal Science .

The Xi Jinping government is building a $ 10 billion National Quantum Information Sciences Laboratory as part of a big push in the field. In the United States, the Trump administration contributed $ 1 billion in funding to research AI and quantum information earlier this year and has tried to take some credit for Google’s breakthrough when it announced its quantum computer last year.


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