More and more, Asus continues to consolidate its strong commitment to the market, thanks to its various products, both gaming and those dedicated to day-to-day and work. As we know, the firm has one of the largest and most reliable products for all those who work with servers. This is why the firm has just broken various records with its various products on

ASUS offers a wide range of AMD EPYC products

Asus GTX 1660 super DSC0004

ASUS servers with AMD EPYC 7002 processors currently hold an incredible world record of 213. This total consists of 167 # 1 results for single socket performance, plus 46 # 1 results for dual socket performance in all SPEC benchmarks. CPU 2017, including integer rate, floating point rate, integer speed and floating point. ASUS offers a wide range of AMD EPYC server categories including GPU optimized, high density, general purpose servers in 1U and 2U chassis, supporting up to 64 cores, 128 threads, 8 DDR4 3200 channels, and 128 PCIe lanes. ® 4.0, all powered by AMD EPYC 7002 processors. Each category of server is designed to accommodate different inference workloads for AI, virtualization, VDI,

GPU Optimized Server: The ESC4000A-E10

ASUS foto 1

ASUS ESC4000A-E10 is a 2U GPU server powered by a single socket AMD EPYC processor designed for AI, HPC and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) applications in data centers or enterprise environments that require powerful CPU cores, support for multiple GPUs and faster transmission speeds.

General-purpose rack servers: RS720A and RS500A

asus 1

ASUS also offers a range of general-purpose rack servers to suit diverse business needs and environments, with a variety of storage options, power supplies, networking, and expansion options. The ASUS RS720A-E9 and RS700A-E10 are dual-socket servers in 2U and 1U chassis that offer a great balance of performance, efficiency and manageability. ASUS RS500A-E10 and RS500A-E9 are single-socket servers in a compact 1U chassis, and they pack essential features for a growing organization at an affordable price.

ASUS Performance Boost adjustment technology

ASUS servers feature exclusive Performance Boost tuning technology to achieve the best performance and agility of servers by tuning them to workload requirements, allowing users to gain greater control of data centers. This improves workload performance by maximizing processor frequency and increasing power, making it ideal for time-sensitive applications such as financial services or data center operations.

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