Apple is working on 32-core processors to offer it in high-end Mac models.

Apple , the M1 with the processor Intel instead of its own ARM began its journey with based processors. This processor first found its place in the MacBook Air , MacBook Pro and Mac Mini models last month . We can easily say that the performance of the Apple M1 is also quite satisfactory. It is shared that the company is now working on a new processor to replace Intel processors in higher-level Mac models. Accordingly, Apple has rolled up its sleeves for the 32 performance core ARM processor .

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple’s more powerful processors will be unveiled in the spring or autumn of next year . It is stated that there will be designs with 16 performance and 4 efficiency cores among the chips to be presented. However, it is reported that the processors will initially be limited to 8 or 12 performance-core versions for the new MacBook Pro and iMac devices, with a 32-core processor planned for use on the Mac Pro in late 2021 . The report also points to the launch of a half-size Mac Pro in 2022.

Additionally, the company is reportedly working on more powerful graphics processors and plans to offer 16 and 32 core GPUs integrated into chipsets. There are plans for 64- or 128-core versions in 2021 or 2022 for high-end Macs that aim to provide unparalleled graphics processing capability compared to NVIDIA and AMD ‘s GPUs.

Let’s see what success will Apple achieve in the CPU and GPU side in the coming years?

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