PassMark Software, the company behind the benchmarking tool  CPUBenchmark, has revealed the market share held by AMD to date, that is, January 2, 2021 In its data indicates that the company closed the year with a market share 38.8 percent overall. This share is the market average for desktop, laptop and server CPUs.

Cuota de mercado CPUs Intel vs AMD Q1 2021

According to the report, where AMD begins to dominate in the desktop computer market , and is that with a 49.2 percent share of that market, we are facing the highest data of the company since 2006. Despite the shortage of CPUs the company has continued to gain market share, although this share has risen timidly, and may be due to this, the addition of a slowdown linked to the fact that people stopped buying the Ryzen 3000 waiting for a non-existent Ryzen 5000, while now the Ryzen 3000 have experienced a price increase due to lack of stock.

Cuota de mercado CPUs de sobremesa Intel vs AMD Q1 2021

Without surprises in between, in the market for AMD laptops, AMD continues to lose market share, basically because they do not have processors either, so many manufacturers opted to return to Intel with their Comet Lake-S @ 14nm +++ and Rocket Lake-U processors. @ 10nm. In this case, AMD’s market share is 17.4%, up from 19.9% two quarters agoObviously, the remaining 82.6% belongs to Intel.

Cuota de mercado CPUs portatiles Intel vs AMD Q1 2021

Finally, the server market, where this quarter the curve has already begun to be created for AMD, which would already have 5 percent of the market. Obviously this is like Steam, we already have a base of millions of servers with Intel processors, so AMD can sell thousands of these CPUs a day and Intel none that the market share will almost flinch. Until there are massive server replacements we will not see a correct representation of AMD sales.

Cuota de mercado CPUs de servidor Intel vs AMD Q1 2021





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