Xbox Series X and Series S reveal their new presentation boxes

After the leak of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft revealed to us everything they had planned to present at their digital event. From prices, release dates and much more, the firm made clear everything we needed to know about the arrival of its new consoles. As they revealed, on September 22 the console reservations will be open. Because of this, the firm has just presented the official Xbox Series X and Series S boxes.

This was introduced by Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg via his Twitter account. Sharing the tweet that mentions the packaging of the consoles, they present us with the designs that both boxes will have. Following some classic lines by the company, we see what is expected so far, since its presentation has been rumored for a long time.

On the other hand, the weight that both consoles will have has been revealed. The Xbox Series X has a total weight of 4.45 KG, while the Series S will have a weight of 1.93 kg. Remember that both consoles will see the light on November 10.