Wild is one of the PlayStation exclusives announced for the longest time and of which absolutely less has been known over the years, so the doubts about its state of health are now more than legitimate, so much so that it would not be too surprising that it has been canceled . as reported recently by the usual journalist / insider Jeff Grubb .

In short, the question must be taken as a rumor and not as an official communication, even if it remains an extremely likely thing, given how things have evolved. Wild was announced as far back as 2014 as an exclusive PS4 and has amazed and interested everyone for its technical level and for the very particular concept.

It is an open world with survival elements , which stages life in nature in different aspects, but the details beyond the first appearances have remained very scarce. The game was created by Michel Ancel , author of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, and entrusted to the indie team Wild Sheep, created specifically to carry on the project. It was announced at GamesCom 2014 with a first presentation trailer and then shown again the following year with a gameplay trailer from Paris Games Week .

After these two events, beyond a few images, not much more tangible evidence was shown of Wild’s state of development, which Jeff Grubb said would have been canceled at this point. Michel Ancel ‘s departure from the world of video game development may have given the final blow to the project, although until last month there were still signs of life coming from the Wild Sheep Studio team, at least starting from the job announcements .

In the new video episode of Giant Bomb, Grubb reported that he can “confirm” that the game is canceled: “There is no Wild anymore”, said the reporter, who also explained how “Michel Ancel has abandoned the project, he is no longer working on it and the game has been closed. The team that was working on it may be trying to stay together and work on other projects . “

At this point we look forward to any official communications from Wild Sheep Studios or Michel Ancel himself, considering that until some time ago he had confirmed that the project was still alive. Whether it has been moved to PS5 or not remains to be seen , but the situation at this point is really very uncertain for the interesting game in question.


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