You have turned on your computer and started Google Chrome , however you have just realized that there is no connection at your home and therefore you cannot surf normally online as usual. To warn you is the message “no Internet connection”, accompanied by a pixel image of a nice T-Rex .

But that funny creature is not just there for decoration: just press the space bar on the keyboard and suddenly the dinosaur comes to life by starting a minigame , an infinite obstacle course that becomes more and more complex with the passage of time and where the purpose is. get the best possible score. What is the name of the Google Chrome dinosaur game? In truth it is known by different names: officially it is called Dinosaur Game , but many refer to it also calling it T-Rex Game or Dino Runner .

The game, designed to deceive the wait for the return of the connection, was created in 2014 by Sebastien Gabriel and has very simple rules: you have to avoid obstacles along the way by using the up and down arrows of the keyboard to jump or lower. our character. The title also has a day-night cycle that is activated once certain scores have been reached. The game ends once the T-Rex crashes into an obstacle, but it can be replayed each time to improve your scores. If you want you can also try your hand at Dino Runner by typing chrome: // dino or chrome: // network-error / -106 in the URL field of Google Chrome.

Certainly Google never backs down when it comes to creating minigames: just think of the Google Doodle on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which has achieved great success among users.

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