Those responsible for Halo Infinite talk about the criticism of its graphics: “We have work to do”

343 Industries acknowledges the criticism, and they talk about the possibility of having a multiplayer beta before the premiere.

The graphics of Halo Infinite have been the most commented topic of the last week. The presentation of the Xbox Series X games started with the title of 343 Industries through video gameplay of its campaign, a demonstration that caused many doubts to fans due to the visual finish of the title. This elicited a very vocal response from Aaron Greenberg, as well as the study’s comment that ” there are still things to polish, ” but now, 343 Industries has spoken more extensively about these criticisms.

Through the Halo website, the studio has responded to fans, not to oppose them, but to express that they have taken good note of the comments, and to explain the decisions behind Halo Infinite. “First of all, we want to acknowledge that, yes, we have heard feedback from the community about the graphics in the Halo Infinite campaign demo,” says John Junyszek, the studio’s Community Manager. “While we have seen and heard more positive things than negative things, we want to offer a little more context. From our point of view, there are two key elements that are debated in the community, the general artistic style, and the graphic fidelity.”

On the style of art, the study explains that they have chosen models “lighter” and with more “vibrant” colors to get closer to the style of the original Halo, which “does not imply that there is less detail” in the elements of the game. “While we understand that this may not be everyone’s personal preference, we stand firm with this decision, and we are glad to see how it resonates with so many fans throughout the world.” As for the graphic fidelity, the overall visual quality of the demo, 343 Industries has recognized the validity of the criticism, and they assure that they have work ahead to improve these aspects.

” Negative feedback in this area includes comments about whether characters and objects look flat, simple and plastic-like, whether the lighting feels dull and flat, or about the pop-in, ” explains Junyszek. “We have read your comments, we have seen the homemade examples of retouched content, and yes, we have heard the evaluation of Digital Foundry. In many ways, we agree here. We have work to do to tackle some of these things and raise the level of fidelity and the general presentation of the game “. To this, the studio CM explains that the version of the game shown “starts from a version in progress from several weeks ago” with many elements that are still” being polished and finished off “.

In this sense, 343 Industries affirms that the comments of the fans have helped them assess some aspects that they had overlooked and that they are now going to take very seriously ahead of the premiere: “We have no firm answers or results to share yet. But the team works as fast as they can to come up with the plans to deal with comments about detail, clarity, and overall fidelity. The team is focused and committed to ensuring that we offer our players a beautiful world so that explore it at launch.”

As we mentioned in the subtitle, 343 Industries has also spoken briefly about Halo Infinite multiplayer and the possibility of seeing a multiplayer beta before the premiere. Here they explain that, due to the coronavirus, they are not quite sure what they are going to be able to do about it, but ” we still hope to have the opportunity to offer a public test before the premiere.” They have also addressed the issue of micropayments and loot boxes so famous today, where they have made it clear that “Halo Infinite will not contain loot boxes [purchased] with real money.”


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