They suggest Metroid: Samus Returns will launch for Switch


Metroid: Samus Returns would be back for Nintendo Switch, finally managing to escape from the dungeon of the Nintendo 3DS

For Metroid fans, Samus Returns was truly a miracle. After half a decade of his total absence, Samus Aran returned with a remake of the mysterious Metroid II: Return of Samus. The result was positive, as the title sold millions of units and received critical acclaim. With this in mind, many have wondered why five years have passed without MercurySteam releasing a single title or making an announcement. What it seems is that they are developing a new Metroid game and, perhaps more curious, a port of Metroid: Samus Returns.

As we discussed in another news item, insider Brazil has shared photos related to various video games expected in 2021. One of these photos is a photo of Metroid II, which suggests that something will happen with the brand this year. It would make sense too, since this one turns 35 in just a few months. Now, some believe this could be a sign of a new installment of the franchise, with the photo representing that it will be worked by MercurySteam, the same studio that did Metroid: Samus Returns.

However, it can also be a port of Samus Returns, since this title has been stuck on the Nintendo 3DS for half a decade.

The future of Metroid looks curious, but all in all more optimistic than it did six years ago. After all, a new Metroid Prime is in development and MercurySteam is probably working on the franchise. It will be just a matter of waiting for what surprises we see this year, as this is a golden opportunity to see Samus return.


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