They solve the mystery of the secret door of Demon’s Souls for PS5

Now that Playstation 5 is available in our country, it is possible that some of you have already come across the famous and mysterious door of Demon’s souls that were not present in the original 2009 game developed by FromSoftware. It has been several days of attempts of all kinds until a streamer has managed to access the interior and it turns out that the most interesting thing about this secret is the way to access it, not what awaits inside.

The streamer known as Distortion2 has been one of the lucky ones to be able to access the interior of this mysterious place and, as we can see, what he hides is a new set of armor from “The Penetrator”, a well-known boss of the game that has a very characteristic armor. Although as we said, the most interesting thing is the way of access, which forces you to go to the latest game from Bluepoint Games, Shadow of the Colossus.

As in Shadow of the Colossus, the key is in the ceramic coins that can be found in the “fractured mode” (distorted versions of the levels) in the pure white and pure black trends. From what the streamer says, it seems that they are in a fixed place, although it will be necessary to make several passes in the New Game + mode to get enough. Distortion2 claims that it took 30 ceramic coins for the crow to give him a “rusty key” with which to open the mysterious door.

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In this way, the mystery of the new door of Demon’s Souls is solved, a nod from those responsible for this remake to their previous work, also a remake of another of the historical Playstation games