The suffering of the characters in The Last of Us 2 is very real: a doctor analyzes the most painful scenes

Gamology has a doctor explain Naughty Dog's game injuries, but beware there are spoilers.

The Last of Us 2 continues to speak. The wonderful Naughty Dog video game has been the subject of much talk, but what is evident is that it is made with extreme care for detail. This time, the topic of conversation revolves around injuries that we can see in the game. A doctor details how realistic they are and if a real person would have the same end as the one suffered by the characters in TLoU 2. Be careful because both the video and the article contain spoilers! Do not continue reading if you have not passed the title.

The Gamology YouTube channel is famous for putting experts from different subjects to judge those aspects of which they know so much in some video games. One of those professionals who lend themselves to such a curious job is a doctor, who this time has analyzed some of the most painful scenes from The Last of Us 2.

In general, and according to Dr. Wagner, the injuries we witness in TLoU 2 are well recreated and the results are credible, although there are some details of the bleeds that are somewhat exaggerated in the game. So Abby’s use of the golf club, for example, could have similar consequences in real life.

The funny thing is that this doctor also analyzes some of the traumatic episodes that we experience in the game, like the one that happens to Ellie at a certain point, very late in the title. Wagner comments in great detail the different images that are shown to him and his reaction is interesting to observe.

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