The Outer Worlds will have a second part

The Outer Worlds generated great buzz during its development stage. Its focus as an action role-playing game, reminiscences of the Fallout franchise, and the fact that it was being developed by Obsidian Entertainment made its popularity skyrocket even before its release.

When The Outer Worlds hit the market, it received quite positive evaluations, although it is true that it was not quite up to the expectations it had generated. It was a remarkable game that stood out, above all, for the depth of its RPG mechanics and for its storyline, but on a technical level, it had many points of improvement.

Despite everything, it seems that The Outer Worlds has reaped quite good sales, and this has allowed the development of its second part to begin, although at the moment it is in an early stage (pre-production), so we are not clear what can we expect from this new installment.

We will have to wait for more information to appear, but for now, the most likely thing is that this second part of The Outer Worlds is an intergenerational transition title, that is, that it ends up arriving on PS4 and Xbox One, and also on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

If its development is in pre-production, it is likely that we will not have official information until next year, and that its arrival will not occur until 2022 or 2023, in the best of cases. If it ends up being delayed beyond that date, there is a possibility that it will end up becoming a new generation exclusively.

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