The new PS5 model has already appeared in Poland, but the Japanese manufacturer has not yet officially confirmed the details of the console and decided to make a “silent premiere”. The unusual decision of the company may be caused by the installation of new cooling, which, according to the first observations, will be much less effective. 

Sony has introduced the next PS5 model to various markets, including Polish customers can get it – last week we informed you how to check which hardware you purchased belongs to the latest series.  As the documentation of the Japanese indicates, a new screw has been introduced and the console is 300g lighter, but so far we did not know what exactly is the reason for the lower weight of the device.

Austin Evans gained access to the new PlayStation 5 model, and thanks to the opening of the console, he discovered some changes – a much smaller heat sink was used in the latest version of the Sony console. It seems very likely that the producer’s decision is dictated by the price of copper, which has risen sharply during the pandemic. 

Already the first test confirmed that the new PS5 generates about 3 ° C more, but Evans only measured the air that comes out of the holes in the equipment. Getting rid of and blowing out heat is most desirable, but we have to wait for the final official opinions about the new model – tests of internal components will give an answer whether the console offers less effective cooling.

“I don’t think there is any argument that this is a worse console, at least in terms of thermals and cooling. Maybe they’ve changed some Wi-Fi stuff, maybe if we delve into it we’ll find more quirks and features, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have a startup PS5, ”Evans said.

YouTuber also sees a long-term problem: a smaller heat sink can turn out to be a pain after a while. Some of his viewers suggested that Sony could simply install more effective cooling, which is why the console blows warmer air, but Austin Evans refuted the indicated thesis:

“A few memories of higher outlet temperatures could mean cooling is better at removing heat. The thing is, Sony has removed a lot of the heatsink on this new model. With fewer fins and smaller heat pipes, it is no longer as efficient at removing heat from the console. 

Think of it as if it were a PC. If I remove the large CPU heatsink in favor of a smaller one, the air exhaust from my system will be hotter because the temperature of the entire system will be higher as weaker cooling will not be able to handle it. This is exactly what is happening here IMO.

Below you can check all the material and how the new fan or cooling system looks like – the parts can be found on the right.

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