The hit indie game Hades has over 20,000 lines of dialogue


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The company shows the characters’ total lines of dialogue and how many are fully voiced.

This year 2020 may have continued to be disastrous and left us with unpleasant situations, but that does not mean that in terms of games it has been the same. We have seen many jewels shine during these twelve months, and some have been baking for a long time, and precisely Hades, has been one of them.

The game presents a style when playing very characteristic of the Supergiant Games label that, perhaps many others remember in titles like Transistor. Now, as has become customary in the studio, Hades has a strong narrative load that is projected through its characters, and this is thanks to the actors and actresses who give life to the title.

Now, have you ever wondered which character in Hades has the most of those lines of dialogue? Or also, for example, how many words in total have been spoken by voice professionals? Well, stop asking yourself and take a look at the official data.

Own  Supergiant Games has shared an infographic of all this, giving official information on all this and more. For example, according to the image Zagreus has a total of 8500 lines of dialogue, Hades 1600, Tisífone 190 and Charon 120, but in total there have been 30 characters that are with total voice.

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In total,  Supergiant Games confirms that there are 21,020 lines of dialogue between all the Hades characters, in addition to a total of 305,433 words. And not only that, this includes everything that is spoken during the game and Zagreus talks so much because he talks to any other character and has a lot of jokes around the world.

Source: Supergiant Games

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