The creators of the Gears of War series officially work exclusively on Unreal Engine 5 . The studio confirmed that I need more time to present new productions, but we can be sure that the new Gears will delight with the setting.

The studio announced a few days ago that it will present a technological demo and the developers have prepared Alpha Point, i.e. a presentation of the Unreal Engine 5 capabilities on the Xbox Series X | S. Kate Rayner, the studio’s technical director, and Colin Penty, The Coalition’s technical director of arts, showed what they’ve already pulled out of the latest version of the Epic Games engine.

Short presentations focusing on the location and the hero appeared on the Xbox channel – in the context of Gears, it is worth checking the second material, because we can count that when Marcus Fenix ​​reappears on the screen, it will delight players with many details.



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