Tetsuya Nomura Hints Square Enix Has Surprises For Nintendo Switch Players

The Japanese creative gave a hint in a recent interview.

Nintendo Switch players who are fans of Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura could have some great news soon. To the great news that Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will come to the Nintendo hybrid, being the first game in the Kingdom Hearts saga to come out on Switch, we may have to add something new that has to do with Nomura soon .

As Nintendo Everything tells us , in an interview with Tetsuya Nomura and Masanobu Suzui in a media specialized in Nintendo ( Nintendo Dream ) on the occasion of the Kingdom Hearts musical game, Nomura released an interesting comment that will make Switch players happy. In the final part of the talk, the interviewer told Nomura the following: “It was a rare opportunity for you to appear in a Nintendo Dream article with a Kingdom Hearts title that you were involved in.”

Maybe we can see more Kingdom Hearts games on Switch or TWEWY 2

To this statement, Nomura replied: “I am sure that I will return in the not too distant future.” This assertion of the Japanese has sounded all the alarms of Square Enix fans, because this may mean that the Japanese developer has some unannounced surprise that will come to the Nintendo hybrid. Nomura recently commented that they considered porting the Kingdom Hearts games to Switch , but it is something that they have ruled out due to its complication.

Therefore, if Nomura is indeed giving a hint about news, what could they be? An exclusive Kingdom Hearts? A very requested The World Ends With You 2 ? We will have to be attentive to whether these words finally become something real , but it is not unreasonable to think about that second part of TWEWY, a game that will soon receive an anime adaptation .