Tencent had more revenue than Nintendo and Microsoft combined


Tencent Gaming’s revenue in the last quarter of 2019 has been $ 5.2 billion, more than Microsoft and Nintendo combined

If you ask the average person, they most likely have no idea about Tencent. If you are League of Legends players you may have heard the name once, but its presence is not felt by most people. This is fascinating, since this situation is repeated in much of the world. Most people are not aware of their capital, which is impressive as their capital is becoming more important every day.

As a company, Tencent has gigantic power in multiple industries, including the world of video games.

If you look at the charts shared on Forex School Online, you can see what Tencent represents in the gaming industry. Tencent’s revenue for the last quarter of 2019 is much, much higher than all other companies. They are not only the first, they are the first with a great distance. The following places are occupied as Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo and Google. The distance that the Chinese brand has is so great that its profits are greater than those of Microsoft and Nintendo combined. It is a colossal distance.

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How is it that Tencent has so much income? Because they concentrate their activities on the purchase and acquisition of important developers and companies. One of his most notable decisions in recent years was to acquire 40% of Epic Games and 84% of SuperCell, developers of Fortnite and Crash of Clans. Tying yourself financially to the two biggest games in the world is a recipe for success. And this is what they will continue to do over time, which will keep them in a powerful position.


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