Tencent buys shares of DayZ creators


Bohemia Interactive, the studio that created DayZ, has decided to sell its shares to Tencent, the giant Chinese gaming company

In many ways, DayZ’s lack of growth has to do with its own disastrous development cycle. When the game was released, it was massively popular and the number of people who bought it prompted profound changes in the industry. Along with Minecraft, this title popularized survival mechanics that would later appear in almost all eighth-generation games. However, despite being very influential, the title had a series of limitations that prevented it from exceeding its ceiling. A very high price and few updates being examples.

Now, DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive has announced that Tencent has invested in its shares. The Arma, Ylands and DayZ developer has now become the third company in a row to receive investment from the Chinese company. Previously, Klei Entertainment (Mark of the Ninja) and Dotnod (Life is Strange) sold shares to this conglomerate. What is the reason for so much acquisition and investment? Part of it is that, with the growth of the Chinese market, developers want to be able to reach that gigantic player base.

For indie developers, who can crash completely if one or two games fail, getting a little more money goes a long way. And Bohemia had to close a studio not too long ago so perhaps this is an additional reason. At the same time, it represents a continuation in the conglomeration of game developers. With rising costs and growth of the largest companies in the industry, acquisitions and investments are only going to continue to increase.

It is an unavoidable path, since this is what happens to capital when it is allowed to.

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