Streamer suffers harassment and threats for playing The Last of Us 2

The arrival of The Last of Us 2 has been celebrated worldwide, which is why players are already enjoying it. Yesterday we saw how the game has suffered from Review Bombing, which was full of homophobic comments and criticism of the cinematics. Now, it seems that toxicity has not only gone to the game, but also to those who play it. Since, a streamer just reported harassment and threats for playing the Naughty Dog title.

Alanah Pearce, is the streamer who since the launch of The Last of Us 2, decided to transmit it through her channel. Great was her surprise, when she began to notice the various hate comments, enjoyable towards her. This is why, through her Twitter account, the streamer has made it clear, she will continue to broadcast more of the new game. One of the comments reads: “Stupid pretentious bitch, the game is crap and you deserve to be raped for defending crap from social vigilantes (SJW).”

“I’m going to stream more TLOU2, I think. I hope that everyone who wants it will enjoy it and that everyone who cannot playthings that they do enjoy, ”he said. With this, Pearce gets strong in the face of the public’s refusal, since he will continue to enjoy the game despite all the aforementioned.

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