Steam Deck can be connected to a dock , sold separately, through which you can play games with a monitor or TV. A bit like Nintendo Switch, but in this case connecting to the docking station will not offer any change in performance .

As you know, when connected to the dock the Nintendo console activates a sort of “enhanced mode” that increases the resolution and in some cases the performance of the games. However, this will not happen with Steam Deck, as confirmed by designer Greg Coomer in an interview with PC Gamer.

“Yes we considered a similar option, but we decided not to put it at the top of our target’s priorities … we thought it was better all things considered not to change the performance based on dock connection or portable mode.”, He says. Coomer, explaining later that Valve’s focus was on creating the best possible experience with portable mode.

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“We decided to focus and prioritize how we think Steam Deck will be used the most, ie on the go. For this reason we chose a limit where the machine could run well and with a good framerate with AAA titles in this scenario. We didn’t feel the need to even go into a higher resolution scenario with the console connected to the dock. We wanted a simple design and prioritize it. “.

This obviously doesn’t mean that you’ll have to play at 800p (the Steam Deck’s maximum screen resolution) when docking the console to a monitor or TV. However in this case the performance will be the same as in portable mode.



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