Spider-Man: Miles Morales will not be exclusive to PS5; also coming to PS4

One of the first announcements of the PlayStation 5 event was the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay reveals. If you were watching the event and you wanted to buy a PlayStation 5 for that, you should know that it will not be exclusive to this console, since PlayStation 4 will also arrive.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Insomniac Games shared several details about the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. What will catch the attention of many is knowing that it will be available on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

“We know that some of you will be transitioning to PlayStation 5, so it was important for us to release the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man universe title on both consoles,” explained Insomniac Games.

It should be mentioned that your copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PlayStation 4 will work on PlayStation 5.


In the PlayStation Blog post, Insomniac Games also announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man will be getting a remaster for PlayStation 5.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will be a game that harnesses the power of the PlayStation 5. Thanks to this you can expect better looking characters that have reworked facial animations. In addition, there will be ray tracing, better lighting systems and the city will have more lives with more characters and vehicles.

That’s not all, as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will also have new costumes, more trophies, additional photo mode features, and shortened loading times. Also, it will have a performance mode so that you can enjoy it at 60 fps.

It was not specified if Marvel’s Spider-Man owners will be able to enjoy the benefits that the remastering will offer.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will be included in the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, which will cost $ 69.99 USD. It is important to note that the regular edition of the new installment will cost $ 49.99 USD.