Spider-Man Miles Morales advances his performance on PS5, new villains and gameplay improvements

The game will not hesitate to take advantage of the functions of PlayStation 5, such as the SSD or the DualSense.

Among the games that accompany PlayStation 5 at its launch we find a Spider-Man Miles Morales that, since his announcement, raised many questions with fuzzy answers. However, the Game Informer portal has shared a new advance through its magazine number 330 where we learn more about the performance, history and improvements of the long-awaited video game; and there are also unpublished images.

So, Shinobi602 shares on its Twitter account part of these details: PS5 will give us a choice between a performance mode to play at dynamic 4K and 60 FPS, and a visual fidelity mode that promises fixed 4K, raytracing and “other visual improvements “—Not specified— in exchange for closing the framerate at 30 FPS. Regardless of which mode we choose, we can tour the city without loading screens even when starting a fast trip, something that begins to be little less than mandatory for the promising SSD of the console.

On a narrative level, something “even grander” awaits us than what was seen in the original 2018 installment. The plot will advance the story of Peter and Miles, as we already knew, although the main focus is on the latter. His rookie Spider-Man personality has been shaped as well, with his animations appearing somewhat less refined to reflect his degree of skill and experience with arachnid powers. In case you were wondering, no: we won’t be able to play as Peter, but some surprises await us in the form of unannounced villains .

Animations, photo mode or menu navigation have been revised in this installment

On the other hand, the playable experience will also be enhanced with more realistic sensations thanks to the haptic response of the DualSense controller , a more cinematic camera during combat or new actions, such as takedowns that can be executed from walls and ceilings or new concealment possibilities. The mobile application that serves as a menu will also give us more agility to move from one mission or activity to another without interruptions, and even includes new improvements for the photo mode : we will see new poses, pictures, stickers and possibilities to change the lighting, among other things.

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Apart from this, the Twitter user GameRiotArmy shares some of the screenshots included in the Game Informer special, which you can see on these lines. As a reminder, Spider-Man Miles Morales will also be released on PS4 in addition to the next generation console, although logically with technical limitations. The game is already Gold , which means it is finished and ready to hit stores. Last month, we saw a gameplay where you could also see in action the two enemy military factions, Roxxon and Underground, which Miles must face.