Sony wants to keep squeezing PS4 until 2024

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed that they will keep PS4 “alive” until 2024. Initially, the Japanese company had planned to extend its life until 2022, but in the end there has been a very important change in plans .

Why has Sony decided to extend the life cycle of PS4 in this way? According to the executive because it represents a very important source of income, and because it seems that Sony is convinced that they will not be able to reach a user base with PS5 good enough to completely displace PS4 in just two years.

Sony does not want risk, it wants to carry out a generational transition in the safest and most profitable way possible. He knows that this time he will not have it so easy, that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are going to be two tough nuts to crack, and therefore he trusts that the income from the sale of games and services to more than 112 millions of PS4 players will continue to be key to being able to advance safely.

It will be interesting to see how much support PS4 continues to receive for the next four years from developers. Programming for that console and for PS5 should not be complicated, since Sony will have adapted the development kits for it, but it requires making sacrifices that prevent taking full advantage of the possibilities of the new generation, since the PS4 is based on a Jaguar from AMD, 5GB of unified memory, and a 100MB / s HDD.