Sony is close to buying Crunchyroll for almost $ 1 billion

The famous brand Crunchyroll would be about to sell at a price of almost $ 1 billion, which company is the one that would buy them? Sony

Few brands are as important to anime streaming globally as Crunchyroll. This company is the leader in anime streaming and here you can see all kinds of programs from Japan. From My Hero Academia to Hunter x Hunter. From Yuri on Ice to Dragon Ball Super. All the programs you can imagine within a single platform with very few limitations. And it seems that anime money has attracted certain interests.

In particular, Sony would be about to buy this company at a price of almost $ 1 billion.

You see, Crunchyroll is currently owned by AT&T, a giant US company in charge of national telecommunications. However, this company has more than $ 150 billion in debt, so they were asking Sony for $ 1.5 billion. If they gave them that amount, they would give them Crunchy. The Japanese brand rejected this price, so they have been negotiating and Nikkei Asia reported that they have already entered the final negotiations. The only thing that is known about the new price is that the Japanese company would pay around $ 957 million. Maybe less, maybe more.

Sony already owns Funimation, Anime distributor in the United States. Funi has the licenses of series like Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist and One Piece. If you take this into account, the Crunchyroll acquisition makes a lot more sense. It is a quest to expand your catalog and place in the world of anime. This leaves a gigantic question in the air: Will they make this service exclusive to PlayStation consoles? They have in hand the possibility of turning this platform into a tool to bring more people into their larger ecosystem every day.