Sony has shared a new commercial for the PlayStation 5!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has shared their latest advertisement for the PlayStation 5. With the console’s intentional launch approaching, look forward to seeing more of these in the near future. This is the second commercial of this style that the Japanese brand has shared. With the name of The Edge, it is an advertisement that could be mistaken for a movie trailer. This one consists of a man on a fishing boat traveling across the sea to the beat of Baba or Riley from The Who. That is until he is transported to a mystical world.

More than focusing on specific games, this trailer shows “the sensations that the PlayStation 5 will give you.” Of course, that is not difficult to discover. Clearly the emphasis of the trailer is on the man’s reactions as he sees new surprises and supernatural elements. It is an unknown world, but an exciting one full of wonder. It brings back memories of the strange ads produced by David Lynch to promote the PlayStation 3. Most interestingly, they managed to produce this commercial despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus.

Considering that the excitement of the PS5 seems to only grow, it’s hard to imagine these trailers doing much damage to the hype. With only two months to go until the launch of the console, both Xbox and PlayStation are putting all their effort on the court. The launch of both will be at the beginning of November.