Sony employees received an exclusive gold Dualsense for PS5

Although the PS5 Dualsense controller is currently only available in one color, Sony employees who worked on its launch received an exclusive gold controller …

PlayStation 5, Sony’s new console, has caught the attention of gamers for many things. And one of the most prominent is its design, both of the console ( which inspired a lot of memes ) and the Dualsense. The new PS5 controller goes beyond surprising with its controls, as it is full of sensors that elevate the experience through touch: haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

However, many fans want Sony to release additional designs of the Dualsense, with other colors or custom designs according to various games. And it’s something Sony has promised it will do … in the future. At the moment, the only lucky ones who can enjoy Dualsense controllers in other colors are Sony’s own employees, who worked on its launch.

mando ps5 dualsense dorado 2206591

Joey Rabbitt, a Sony employee, revealed this in an entry on his Linkedin, in which he also explains that he was the designer of the PlayStation app, in his spare time, which was finally officially launched coinciding with the console.

For now, we will have to settle for fan designs, many of which seem even better than the original … and keeping the classic colors of the PlayStation brand on the front buttons.

If you have not yet been able to try the Dualsense first-hand, in this report we will tell you about our feelings. How would you like the new designs for the PS5 Dualsense to be?


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