Sonic Unleashed: The Game of 2008 with 2020 Graphics

Thanks to the Xbox Series X, Sonic Unleashed can finally be seen running without any limitation and it's awesome


Twelve years ago, a Sonic Unleashed game was released. Many criticized and detested him for one reason or another. Is it valid not to love Unleashed? Of course, it is a game with many problems and a million things can be criticized. At the same time, no one can deny that its graphics show a power rarely seen in video games. And the amount of on-screen effects was so overwhelming that it took 12 years for him to cum to his full potential. Finally, Unleashed can show the world its graphics and the result is magical.

You see, the Xbox Series can run all the Xbox 360 games that the Xbox One could play. This means that Sonic Unleashed can run on the Xbox Series X. At the time, Unleashed was heavily criticized for performance issues. You see, the title had so many effects and so much graphic intensity that the poor Xbox 360 caught fire just trying to run some of its most intense levels. Now with the XSX, these levels can finally run at 30fps and the result is impressive. The level of detail in the plants, the colors of the jungle, the effect of the water, everything is spectacular.

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The saddest thing is, this was the last 3D Sonic game on a budget like this. Both Sonic Colors, Generations and Forces had much less detail in their environments. That doesn’t mean they look bad, but what Sega accomplished with Unleashed in a visual sense is unique in the video game industry. It feels like running in a jungle animated by Pixar.

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This is the best time to experience Sonic Unleashed, even though the game is far from being considered a gem.



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