Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is free on Steam for a limited time, run for it!

We already know that Sonic, our beloved blue hedgehog, runs a lot and reaches blazing speeds. On this occasion, you should try to emulate its speed and run to Steam, a platform on which SEGA is giving Sonic The Hedgehog 2, the Mega Drive classic, completely free. This is due to the special promotion that is taking place on Steam for the 60 years of the life of the Japanese company.

Actually, you can rest assured, because although the promotion has an expiration date, the second Sonic adventure will be available for free until October 19. As we say, SEGA has turned sixty years in 2020 and Steam is celebrating a series of sales for many of its titles and you can find very interesting offers that will end that same day.

For example, Persona 4 Golden, which has been an absolute success on the Valve platform, has a 20% discount and can be purchased for 15.99 euros. Many of the games in the Yakuza series are also on sale and other titles such as Catherine Classic or Alien Isolation also have a reduced price. You can check all these discounts from the Steam page of this celebration.

Of course, other Sonic video games are also on sale, like Sonic Mania. In addition, if you are interested in the classic games of the Mega Drive era, for less than eight euros you can get about fifty titles of the console if you take advantage of the offer. If you feel like new Sonic adventures, it seems that in 2021 SEGA will launch a new video game, commemorating the 30 years of existence of the blue hedgehog.