PlayStation has many different franchises given their decades of activity, although also logically some shine more than others in stages. However, if the resurgence of Ratchet & Clank on PS5 , and the rumors of Twisted Metal have proven anything, it is that hope is the only thing that must be lost. Now, this boat could jump nothing more and nothing less than Sly Cooper 5.

Sly Cooper 5 could be in development at the hands of Sucker Punch

A few months ago my partner Claudio reviewed the situation of the franchise and what it would potentially take to see a Sly Cooper 5 materialize. At the moment there is no official confirmation of anything, but this is how much has begun to spread at the level of rumors about the possible delivery:

  • The Sly Cooper 5 rumors begin with a 4chan post removed within hours. It becomes impossible to track the information back then.
  • As a result of this, the conversations in networks begin, where the well-known insider Shpeshal_Nick comes into play .
  • This ensures that he has also heard that the IP will return to the load of the hand of a Sly Cooper 5 .
  • Despite the fact that the 4chan rumor claimed that Sucker Punch would be the studio in charge of retaking this infiltration and stealth franchise, Shpeshal_Nick cannot corroborate such information (essentially because no study was confirmed, not because another was pointed out) .

Again, at this point there is nothing official about Sly Cooper 5, but Shpeshal_Nick has more than one success in the long history he has accumulated as an insider. At the moment we will have to continue waiting to have more information about this, but if something is certain it is that from PlayStation they have shown a certain predisposition to revisit franchises that were once a reference in the company.

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