Naughty Dog could count on help from other PlayStation Studios teams. Sucker Punch Productions supported the developers responsible for The Last of Us 2 in the preparation of the largest city in the game.

In The Last of Us Part II, we found ourselves in several large locations, but Seattle is by far the largest area that provided players with a lot of free exploration. The creators decided on a great location and as it turns out – Sucker Punch Productions helped in the implementation of the task.

Evan Wells, during an interview with Game Informer, confirmed that The Last of Us 2 developers received “huge help” from the designers of Ghost of Tsushima. The authors of Ellie’s adventure contacted a second team from PlayStation Studios to take advantage of their world.

A representative from Naughty Dog confirmed that his team was not going to use the entire space from inFamous Second Son one-on-one, but the map allowed them to “quickly outline the environment”.

Neil Druckmann also mentioned another curiosity – when Naughty Dog was developing The Last of Us 2, it contacted Sucker Punch Production about the mechanics of the horse’s movement. As you know, at the same time the creators were developing Ghost of Tsushima, so the employees of both PlayStation teams helped each other in the development of the games.


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