Resident Evil 8 Village reappears with a trailer featuring Tim Burton style scenes

Capcom has not wanted to miss the new event on PlayStation 5, where it has shown a new trailer Resident Evil 8: Village with new in-game scenes, story fragments, details of its terrifying creatures, and even a moment that visually reminds the Tim style Burton.

Continuation of the story of Resident Evil 7, the fact that the word Village is so important in the headline has a reason for being since Capcom assures that it will be one more character in this horror adventure. Set in a cold region of Europe, this new trailer for RE 8 shows us some exterior scenarios, but also the gloomy interiors that we will have to explore in this first-person survival horror.

Starring Ethan Winters, in the new game of the Resident Evil saga we will find old acquaintances of the franchise, as well as creatures as fearsome as werewolves, who take center stage in this chapter. Weeks ago we published an article dedicated to uncovering the secrets of Resident Evil 8 Village.

The exact day on which it will go on sale is unknown, beyond 2021. Capcom recently confirmed that Resident Evil 8 will be at the Tokyo Game Show.