Resident Evil 8 Village is as much of the story as Ethan himself, Capcom says

As we get closer to Halloween, horror games are gaining more and more prominence on social media. It is true that there are some like Phasmophobia that have been going strong this year, but there is no doubt that Capcom can breathe easy with Resident Evil 8: Village. After a few weeks without news of the game, the Japanese magazine Famitsu recently shared an illustrative interview (October 2020 issue) with the developers full of details about its history.

Warning: if you want to discover each nuance of the adventure on your own, you may want to stop reading at this point Are you still with us? Well. On Twitter, user Alex Aniel shares a translation of this content where it is commented, among other things, that it is Chris Redfield himself who takes Ethan – the protagonist who has been with us since RE7 – to the town where the game takes place, and that we began our wanderings stunned and walking to this sinister place.

The events that occur from that moment on are quite similar to what appears in Mia’s picture book, so perhaps it is also the key to understanding the whole story. And in this sense, we have to cover something more than Ethan: “When we say [that the town is a protagonist], we cover the scale of both the townspeople and the town itself” explain producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Pete Fabiano.

So, talking about the latest trailer, the creatives comment that the guy who appears at Ethan’s house is indeed Chris, that Ethan’s life depends on the warm guy who reminds us of the RE4 merchant, and that the old shaman will have an important role, but it is not the same as the previous character. On the other hand, the simpler inhabitants unite in cults to protect themselves from danger and surround themselves with creatures (similar to werewolves, in effect) who “are unable to speak, but act in packs and can carry weapons.”

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Resident Evil 8 is scheduled to release on PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5. If you do not plan to make a generational leap at the moment, you may be interested to know that this installment can also end on PS4 and Xbox One, without promises in between. As for the gameplay, after TGS 2020 we learned that it will also be possible to make weapons and tools with which to survive. And no, we are not talking about herbs and ammo: it is something deeper.