Resident Evil 4 Remake development has been rebooted


Resident Evil 4 Remake has restarted its development due to internal clashes, so don’t expect it for several years.

The development of a Resident Evil 4 remake has not been a very well-kept secret. After the beloved Resident Evil 2 Remake and the well-received Resident Evil 3 Remake, questions about the subsequent remake started popping up everywhere. Thus, the existence of Resident Evil 4 Remake quickly became known thanks to some leakers. However, this project caused many questions among fans of the franchise. How much would they deviate from the original delivery? Would they take as many liberties as RE2R or would it be a more faithful remake of the RE4 that everyone loves?

It turns out that at Capcom and the developer in charge of this title, these questions were also asked. The result has been a major blow to its development cycle: Capcom will no longer work with its former ally and will work on the remake internally. Plus, they’re essentially going to restart your development. That means that this title won’t be released until 2023. Yes, the wait will be a bit long, but it is the inevitable result of discarding so much work due to creative differences.

One thing that is clear (thanks to Nibel, the leaker who revealed this) is that the root of the conflict between Capcom and the assigned developer was the objective behind the remake. For the company that created Mega Man, Resident Evil 4 Remake had to focus on creating a new experience, not replicating the original. On the other hand, the assigned team wanted to make a remake more faithful to the original, a rupture that ended up causing the collapse of the project.

Between RE2R and RE3R there was only one year of difference, but be clear that RE4R will not come out so soon. If they want more Resident Evil, they will have to stick with just Resident Evil Village.


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