Psychonauts 2 has entered the final phase of its development


Five years after its campaign was announced on Fig, Psychonauts 2 is almost ready for its long-awaited release.

For many years, Psychonauts represented a very bittersweet taste to their fans. Such a fun and creative game that it was completely unable to pay off. Therefore, making a sequel was something that seemed impossible despite the passion of his fans. That’s why, in 2015, the world was shocked when Tim Schefer announced a fundraising drive to make Psychonauts 2. It seemed like such a far-off game that many just thought “oh great, I’ll wait for them to finish it.” And now, they are very close to finishing their development.

Developing classics like Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, Tim Schafer has spent years working on the sequel to Psychonauts 2. Of course, his world was shaken a bit when, last year, Xbox announced that they would buy its developer, Double Fine. The money from Xbox helped them increase the content of the title and delay this sequel until 2021. In an interview with IGN, Schafer had some comments on the status of the title. What stands out the most is the feeling that it won’t be long before you can enjoy this long-awaited game.

According to Schafer, “we almost have everything in the game” and “above all we are going to polish things that are already in the title. Perhaps, if COVID-19 had not interrupted its development, they could have removed it this year. After all, the director of Psychonauts 2 said that “2020 definitely didn’t help accelerate its development.” Considering that they plan to launch the title in 2021, everything is going well so that they can meet this tentative launch date.

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Considering how creative Psychonauts was and how colorful its sequel looks, there’s every reason to be excited.


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