PS4’s Spider-Man has sold over 20 million units

At 20 million units, PS4’s acclaimed Spider-Man is comfortably one of the console’s best-selling games.

Having the Spider-Man license turned out to be a miraculous thing for Sony, especially considering that the PlayStation 4 didn’t have the best exclusives during its early years. Since Bloodborne was released, things have slowly started to improve and thus arrived in 2018. In this year, Peter Parker and Kratos teamed up to give the platform an impossible-to-beat combo, which has also been reflected in the sales of both titles. For example, the Spider-Man game is now known to have sold over 20 million units.

It is simply spectacular.

Where do these figures come from? From the LinkedIn of David Bull, Senior Manager and Global Brand Marketing at PlayStation. This was the one who wrote that PS4’s Spider-Man had sold “more than 20 million units globally.” The last time the sales of this title were discussed, it had sold 13 million units. There is no doubt that this game is one of the best sellers on the console. Is there someone who surpasses it? The only ones that could be above are Grand Theft Auto V and God of War. That’s a testament to the power Peter Parker brought to Sony audiences.

With these results, it is impossible to imagine a world in which Insomniac Games does not do a second part. Miles Morales is like an expansion and this one too has been well received, but it hasn’t received the transformation that a sequel would have. With the results of his latest game, Insomniac has the opportunity to blow up all expectations with a continuation of his popular exclusive. Whatever happens in the future, it’s obvious that Peter Parker will be a part of it.