PlayStation would have reduced PS5 production by 4 million consoles due to manufacturing problems

Bloomberg sources assure that the manufacturing of its SoC operates at 50% performance.

In the midst of a logistics climate still affected by the exceptional situation, Sony has reduced the number of PlayStation 5 consoles that it plans to manufacture during this fiscal year due to problems in its production line. Or, at least, that’s what Bloomberg claims. According to the financial medium, the Japanese company would have reduced its production target for the current fiscal year by 4 million consoles.

Based on sources close to the process, the aforementioned media affirms that the PS5 forecasts have been reduced by 4 million units, to a figure that is currently around 11 million consoles manufactured for the current fiscal year, until March 31, 2021. Already in July, the company increased its forecasts to 10 million, with a subsequent increase to 15 million, it seems, which now would have been reduced for a specific reason: the manufacture of the console chip.

Apparently, the production of the PS5 SoC would be going through problems in recent times, with a 50% yield in its manufacture, according to these sources. And, producing just half the chips for the console, the number of units planned suffers accordingly. In this, Bloomberg adds that the production of the component is gradually recovering its expected rhythm, but that it still does not maintain a stable performance that facilitates the forecasts.

After knowing the news, they highlight in the article, Sony shares have been reduced by 3.5% in anticipation of a more limited circulation of consoles. With more moderate forecasts, it seems that the stock of PlayStation 5 in stores would be smaller than expected. Although some analysts claim that its distribution is already underway by means of airplanes, a more expensive but faster option to ensure that there are enough units in stores.

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With a PS5 event confirmed for this Wednesday, all eyes are on the Japanese company in case it finally decides to confirm the date and price of its console, something that Microsoft has already done with an Xbox Series X and Series S that They will cost $499 and $299, respectively. But for now, and as a warm-up before the appointment, they have offered us this new television advertisement for PlayStation 5.


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