PlayStation registers a patent for a biometric system that recognizes the person who takes the controller

Although we still do not have a release date for PlayStation 5, nor do we know its starting price, we do know at least that it is still planned for 2020. While we wait for Sony to decide to tell us these important data, we have learned that the Japanese company has registered in the United States a patent for a new biometric system for its controllers.

This functionality would be added to the controls and would have the ability to recognize the user who is holding it. It seems that this would include one or more sensors in the controller. Obviously, we do not know if this new technology will be applied to the DualSense or if it will arrive for a peripheral of the PlayStation 5 family, but it is still striking.

The system, which as the description says, “offers a method to determine the identity of a user when taking the remote control”, would probably resemble those that are already used in a standardized way in mobile devices. Biometric systems are not a novelty as such, but their application to a controller or the world of video games is.

Beyond the possible application that this system could have in games or log in to our PlayStation, what is clear is that it could be used as a greater layer of security when making digital purchases. The patent was filed by Sony in February this year and has now been made public. It is not the only one that the Japanese have registered in recent months, such as the one suggested by a new multiscreen system.