NVIDIA RTX Ampere 7 nm GPU: The 3070 and 3080 from July, the 3080 Ti in October, the 3060 in 2021

We end the day on future NVIDIA Ampere graphics cards , so the RTX 3060, 3070, 3080 and 3080 Ti which could therefore be engraved in 7 nm according to the latest rumors. But we have more so far, with theoretical technical characteristics.

We start with the small RTX 3060 , which would be based on a GA104, with 2560 Cuda Cores, 80 RT Cores, 320 Tensor Cores, and a speed under 2000 MHz. On the memory side, we would be on GDDR6 in 16 Gbps, like on the other cards elsewhere.

NVIDIA 7-nm ampere 3060 3070 3080 3080-ti GPU graphics card

We continue with the RTX 3070, which would be based on a GA103, with 3584 Cuda Cores, 112 RT Cores, 448 Tensor Cores, and speed below 1900 MHz. The memory remains in GDDR6 16 Gbps. Now the RTX 3080 would also be based on GA103, with 4608 Cuda Cores, 144 RT Cores, 576 Tensor Cores, and speed below 2000 MHz. The GDDR6 is also in 16 Gbps, as on the RTX 3080 Ti which would embed a GA100 with 8192 SP, 256 RT Cores, 1024 Tensor Cores, all with a GPU at the maximum at 175 MHz.

For outputs, the RTX 3070 and 3080 would arrive in Q3 this year, the RTX 3080 Ti in Q4 and the RTX 3060 early next year. Of course, tweezers are de rigueur.

source: Guru 3D