No, you cannot purchase Spider-Man Remastered separately

Spider-Man Remastered cannot be purchased separately on PS5: it was a PlayStation Store bug


Yes, what seemed like a pleasant surprise was just a mistake: Spider-Man Remastered can only be purchased together with Miles Morales

For many fans, it was very disappointing that the Spider-Man remaster was tied to the purchase of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is why, when rumors surfaced that Spider-Man Remastered would be released separately, many fans were thrilled. This rumor was born thanks to the PlayStation Store, since the Remaster was listed separately, indicating that a surprise announcement was coming. Several websites reported this as a possibility and Spider-Man fans were excited. However, it turns out that this was little more than a mistake.

3DJuegos contacted Sony to ask them about what happened on the PlayStation Store. And Sony told them that, despite all expectations, the rumors were wrong. The listing that appeared last week is just a bug from the PlayStation Store that shows the GOTY edition of the game as its remaster. And on the ResetEra forum, they also noticed this, as someone added it to their cart and only came across, effectively, the GOTY version of the original game. In this way, Spider-Man Remastered is still tied to the expansion of Miles Morales.

Most likely, eventually, this remaster will be released separately. Games like this rarely get locked up without the ability to be sold separately. However, it will take an amount of time that is still unknown. Perhaps a year or two after the launch of the PlayStation 5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales was critically hailed as an entertaining expansion of the original game’s narrative and gameplay.

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