No More Heroes games coming soon to PC


No More Heroes and its sequel were registered by the Electronic Software Rating Board, indicating a release on PC.

For years, the No More Heroes franchise has been one of those strange franchises that existed stuck on the Nintendo Wii. NMH was created by Suda51, the same director of titles like Lollipop Chainsaw and Let it Die. Like Madworld and Super Mario Galaxy, many memorable games existed trapped on this device almost fifteen years ago. These games were finally released on the Nintendo Switch recently and it seems that was just the beginning. There are several signs that these games are coming to PC as well.

It turns out that the Electronic Software Rating Board (ESRB) has registered both No More Heroes and Desperate Struggle as titles to be released on the PC. This includes the description of both and their rating. Considering that they are already available on the Switch, it is probably only a matter of time until you see it on all modern platforms. It is unknown why they are relaunching it right now instead of doing this five years ago, maybe they wanted to wait for No More Heroes 3 to be approved.

And, well, NMH3 is in development right now.

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No More Heroes is a hack and slash starring Travis Touchdown. Upon receiving a katana, he decides to join a group of assassins and does not stop until he becomes No. 1 in this group. In order to face the murderers, he must perform mundane jobs to make the money necessary to pay the fees. On the other hand, No More Heroes 2 continued the narrative of the first installment and made its gameplay a more complex one. Also, they cut away much of the filler so that the title is primarily a series of fights against very powerful opponents.


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