Nintendo to sell the Joy-Cons separately starting next month

After years of insistence from Nintendo Switch users , the company has finally agreed to start selling the console’s controls, called Joy-Cons , separately, so that it will be good for all those users who have suffered some mishap with their controller or, for some reason, they just need one.

In this way, they will have an option to do it, instead of having to look for second-hand controls by sellers who have already been in this position before and would have had to sell the remote control that was left loose.

As of November 9 , as announced by Nintendo, the blue and red Joy-Cons for the left and right sides respectively can be purchased separately at a price of $ 39.99, instead of having to buy a pack with both controls.

It is speculated that this movement would have to do with the demand that Nintendo has in hand for the Joy-Con Drift, a problem that mainly affects the analog joysticks of the left Joy-Con and that ends up being a serious problem at the time of ensuring correct mobility in console games, and that generally has no solution beyond replacing the controller.