How to Farm and Use Azoth?.. Amazon studios new world is in closed beta right now and like with any MMO you’ll be greeted right from the start with a ton of systems to learn and currencies to keep track of. the most important and hard to come by is called as off which is required for things like resetting your weapon talents and even fast travelling which is especially helpful since the new world is huge to that end. here are a few different ways to stay stocked up on azoth

New World: How to Farm and Use AzothThe new world doesn’t officially release until august 31st so everything covered here is true for the current closed beta but might change in the final release.

what exactly is azoth used for?

well early on honestly not a lot at higher levels we’re setting your weapon mastery skills cost as off though it’s completely free at the start also. The new world is very big and you’ll eventually start getting quests that require you to travel across the continent there are no mounts so fast travelling will save you loads of time but again the only way to do it is with Azoth.


unless you’re just recalling to an end that you’re currently checked into pretty substantial amounts of azoth are what’s required and finally when crafting higher level gear putting azoth into the pieces raises its gear score the more azoth you put in the higher your chances of scoring better attributes perks and gem slots so you’ll want to have a lot on hand if you can.

How do you get azoth?


well, right now we only know of four ways the first is from the story or side quests, not every quest rewards you with as off but the ones that do typically earn you around 20 or 30. so if you track down the early side quests that reward it you should already have a bit of a stockpile before you even get to a point where you need it

New World How do you get azoth?

The other method though it’s decidedly less reliable is just by grinding enemies unfortunately only enemies that are level 20 or higher will drop it so it’ll be a while before you’re levelled up enough to start grinding them luckily major needs for azoth don’t even start until around that level if you’re looking to farm it the best thing to do is to grind corruption points though they are tuned to level 25 so you’ll either need to be at that level or get a group together.

The final way to get off is by equipping one of your tools used for skinning mining fishing etc with an azoth extraction buff if you’re diligent about farming materials it’s a very passive way to stay stocked up.

There are two tips to keep in mind which may seem obvious but that doesn’t make them any less important.

New World How do you get azoth?

First, we’d recommend not overusing fast travel it’s annoying to have to run everywhere sure but fast travelling seems to be the easiest way to blow a ton of azoth really fast. remember pressing the equals key on your keyboard allows your character to autorun and i’d even go as far as recommending you switch that to one of your side mouse buttons for ease of use if you have one to spare. autorun doesn’t really speed up your travel but cruise control always makes things at least a little easier.

New World How do you get azoth?

The farther you go the more ads off it costs so maybe consider fast travelling part of the way to your destination and then walking the rest.


Second, we’d recommend finding a preferred playstyle before it starts costing azoth to reset your weapon mastery. if one-handed swords aren’t your thing give something else a try but if you’re constantly changing what weapons you want to specialize in after it starts charging you well that’s a recipe for resource drain.

so plan accordingly and that’s it we can already tell from the closed beta that Azoth is going to be the currency we’ll always be on the lookout for so hopefully this little primer will help you in your travels.

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