NBA 2K21 Announces Definitive Soundtrack

2K today announced the NBA soundtrack 2K21, the next installment in the best-selling and best-selling NBA video game simulation series of the past 19 years *. With two new unreleased songs from Damian ‘Dame DOLLA’ Lillard, NBA cover athlete 2K21, and tracks from some of today’s hottest artists including Stormzy, Roddy Ricch, and The Strokes, the soundtrack has been meticulously selected by 2K to deliver an immense amount of music that will lead to an authentic gaming experience. This soundtrack will be one of the largest music collections ever collected for a sports video game.

“Being the cover player is already very important to me, but making my music part of the game is a huge achievement,” said Damian Lillard, NBA superstar and NBA 2K21 cover athlete for current-generation platforms. “I’ve been introduced to new artists, songs, and genres that I might have heard on the radio, but have heard first on NBA 2K.”

The current generation version of NBA 2K21 will be out on September 4 with 52 tracks, including two by Dame DOLLA that debut exclusively in the game, but fans of the saga can enjoy the soundtrack starting today through from Spotify. The new generation version will go further and offer a total of 202 songs at launch. Subsequently, the new generation soundtrack will be updated with more songs from hip-hop, R&B, electronic music, pop, and rock.

“Music has always been an integral part of NBA 2K and every year we strive to extend its integration with the gaming experience,” added Alfie Brody, vice president of global marketing for NBA 2K. “This year we want to aim higher than ever with our soundtrack, thanks to a quality tracklist powered by new-generation technology, and unreleased songs from the front page star, Damian Lillard. The soundtrack thus embodies the spirit of NBA 2K21: This game is everything. ”

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The list of artists on this year’s soundtrack has been released through an infographic to which more creators and themes will be dynamically added as they join the new generation version of NBA 2K21 until completing the It will be the greatest soundtrack ever created for a sports video game.

Link to Spotify