Naoki Yoshida, Director of Final Fantasy XIV, Drops an Unexpected and Exciting “Ending” and More in 2021

Yoshi-P may want fans of the Final Fantasy MMORPG to have their tension on edge.

Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, has had a few statements with the Lodestone portal to publish his traditional New Year messages. After talking about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected its development, it has also let us see – a little – what we can expect from this 2021.

Typically, these types of messages include cryptic clues as to how the story will unfold this year . ” So where are we? The Shadowbringers saga ended in Patch 5.3 and we hinted at the next story. Of course we had Patch 5.4 and turned the page to the ‘final chapter in this star’s tale.’ Stay tuned for the team’s progress this year as events are created towards, once again, an exciting and unexpected ‘end’. (To the story, not to FFXIV) “.

” Our progeny may never know, which is why we look to the sky, nor why do we dig for truths; we bear their contempt or let them die. He had barely finished writing this when I had an unexpected visitor, a minstrel as he introduced himself, from a trip to distant lands. He left a note in my hands and had a poem written. ”

” Who is this ‘determined man’? And what is all this about his ‘progeny’ despising him? I turned to ask these questions of the traveler, but he was gone. Vanished, as if a crack between the worlds … “. This is not the only thing that Yoshida has dropped, as a few days ago he claimed to want to achieve a ” leap forward ” for Final Fantasy XIV  this year.

Square Enix will have a big event in February, which will be when the new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV will be revealed to the world, but until then we have nothing clear about the future of the MMRPG except for the words of Naoki Yoshida.

The fans of the series have great appreciation for Yoshida , so that many expect something big in the coming months.

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