Moon Studios: ‘The Xbox Series X will offer the best performance and resolution, the PS5 less load time’

After the announcement in society of the PlayStation 5, it’s time to go to the Xbox Series X, where Thomas Mahler , Game Director at Moon Studios revealed very important details, such as that the SSD of the PlayStation 5 can be twice as fast compared to To that of the Microsoft console , where in games not optimized for SSDs we could see how the game takes 10 seconds to load on the Xbox console compared to 5 seconds on the PlayStation 5, but that in games really designed for an SSD, such as Top studios will offer the much-coveted ” instant action, ” meaning no load times.

Of course, not everything is the SSD, and it must be remembered that the Xbox Series X would integrate a graphic that, under the paper, would be equivalent to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, and if we add optimized games to that, we could already talk that at the time of truth it would yield above this graph. That is why he indicated that it will be on the Microsoft console where there will be more games at 4K resolution and where users will enjoy better frames, while the PlayStation 5 will load the fastest games. This means that we have pure gross power in exchange for less rapid data transfer.

“Everybody will take advantage of it [in reference to the SSD], of course, why wouldn’t you? It’s the same as on PCs. You have a nice and fast SSD on the Xbox Series X and then you have a fast SSD with a few other things that allow you to shuffle the data in RAM even faster on the PlayStation 5. So that’s great for the PS5 and I don’t in any way want to downplay how cool it is. My previous example of 5s loads Against 3s loads it might have played down that too, but now we scale it up to 10. 50 sec loads vs. 30 loads would immediately make for a much more enjoyable game on PS5. That said, with these super-fast SSD drives, I hope that No one believes things that take so long to load, but time will tell.

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Now, let’s say the average load time with those SSDs in the next generation will be 10 seconds. And let’s be generous and say the PS5’s SSD performance is twice as fast as the X1SX’s. At that point, we would have 10 times the load versus 5 times the load (note that the load is usually more than just a drag of data, so this is not exactly accurate at all). I don’t know if I would care so much about saving 5 seconds every time I load a game if for that I lose a higher frame rate or resolution. And I guess that’s the bet Microsoft made here: more raw power instead of faster data transfer.

Now it’s clear that Sony’s top developers will design their games around the SSD and make sure everything is smooth and juicy all the time and that loading screens aren’t even visible at all and that’s great. But assuming third-party studios completely change their games, adjust levels, and other things just to get the most out of the PS5’s architecture is insane. It will not happen. So, again, what I think will be a trend is that you will see that the X1SX games render at 4K more regularly and / or at better frames and on PS5 the games will load faster. Players will have to decide what is most important to them.

On the other hand, one thing that will suck for all of us is that 1TB of storage is too little nowadays, so get ready for much more storage maintenance, at least until new console iterations with larger SSDs appear. The recent Call of Duty weighed in at around 170gb … So I doubt you can have more than 10-15 games or so simultaneously on your machine. Meh. “

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