Modder manages to run Bloodborne at 60 fps and will release the patch for free

For many PlayStation 4 users, Bloodborne is one of the best games not only on the console but of the entire generation. One of the not-so-positive aspects of the title is that it runs at 30fps, which is not ideal for some in action titles of this type. However, one user set out to work on a 60 fps version, got it, and plans to distribute it for free regardless of whether or not Sony releases theirs officially.

In games that require an immediate response from the player, such as FromSoftware titles, many users prefer to play them at 60 fps in order to make the gameplay more fluid and have more control of their actions.

This is why modder Lance McDonald, whom we have already told you about on several occasions, got down to work and found a way to make a version in which Bloodborne runs at 60 fps at the cost of resolution, as he had to lower it at 720p so as not to compromise stabilization. The above might not be a negative thing for some, because as we say, there are those who would prefer to play it smoothly rather than with very good graphics.


This entire project was put in place to improve the performance of Bloodborne , which, according to Lance McDonald, “is sadly arbitrarily locked at the 30fps limit despite the hardware specifications of current systems.”

However, neither FromSoftware nor Sony has worked on an improved version of Bloodborne that unlocks a higher frame rate or better overall performance. It was expected to have improvements in PlayStation 4 Pro, but it did not happen. Knowing fan wishes and uncertainty as to whether the PlayStation 5 version of Bloodborne will be improved, like Ghost of Tsushima, McDonald plans to release this patch but plans to let Sony do it first (if one is on the way).

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“I will release this patch publicly once the PlayStation 5 has been released and Sony has clarified whether Bloodborne will be improved on that system in any way,” said McDonald, who promised to update his YouTube comment with the download link for the Bloodborne v1 version.09 once the date arrives.

However, the modder said that “out of respect for PlayStation”, it will give them the opportunity to be the first to bring Bloodborne in 60 fps to the hands of the players officially.

You can see Bloodborne running at 60fps at 720p below.

Would you like to play Bloodborne more fluidly at the cost of resolution? Tell us in the comments.

Neither FromSoftware nor Sony has confirmed a new Bloodborne installment, but rumors suggest that a remastered edition is in development and would be in charge of Bluepoint Games. The information also indicates that the title would be one of the exclusives that will be close to the launch of the PlayStation 5 and that it will also reach PC and best of all, it would support 4K resolution and 60 fps.

Bloodborne is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.