Mike Nash,The creator of the dinosaurs of Horizon Zero Dawn, has died at 36


Mike Andrew Nash, renowned 3D artist and creator of the dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn, has passed away a few days ago

The video game industry is more than just a dozen directors. Focusing so much on the director’s duties can lead to ignoring the importance of all the other team members. Every team, be it indie or AAA, has a large number of programmers, testers, designers and producers. Of course, an important category is the 3D artist, who create the designs loved by gamers and fans. One of the most talented artists in the industry was Mike Andrew Nash, who worked on Horizon Zero Dawn and has sadly passed away.


On ResetEra, the thread that announced his passing commented:

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One of the most respected 3D artists in the video game industry passed away unexpectedly and suddenly. He is at the top of the field and was respected by all who experienced his work. We don’t often recognize the accomplishments of those in the trenches of video game design. Hopefully we can do a better job of recognizing artists before events like this happen.

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Mike Andrew Nash was the creator of the robotic dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn, his best known and most important role. After all, it was his designs (along with everyone else’s work) that allowed Horizon to become a successful franchise. Without him, the story might have been very different. This is the importance of artists like Mike, but they are not usually paid much attention because directors and producers are more striking figures.

Following his stint at Guerrilla, Mike dedicated himself to teaching and instructing 3D design and concept art. He also founded a channel where he gave visibility to other artists. Now, a commemorative account has been opened on ArtStation with many of the artist’s designs.

He was an artist who knew how to give anything a futuristic touch. And he was recognized in the industry for this ability, in addition to his other talents. Rest in peace.


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