Microsoft says it didn’t need Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X to be a success

Halo Infinite has gone from being Microsoft’s star game that would accompany the Xbox Series X / S at its launch, to being a dispensable game, that was what Cindy Walker, the Xbox spokeswoman, hinted in an interview for New York Times.

As expected, they wanted to downplay the delay of this game, which will finally reach some point in 2021, and although he indicated that he would have liked Halo Infinite to be available the day of the launch of his new generation consoles, he indicated that players would still have a large number of games available from the first day of launch, which would be an incentive for their purchase, and that they do not need to launch exclusive Triple A titles to encourage the purchase of their console.

“Having Halo at our launch would have been tremendous, but we are not relying on massive exclusive titles to drive the purchase of the console. Our players will have thousands of games from four generations of Xbox available to play on launch day.”

The “thousands” of games Cindy Walker refers to come from compatibility with the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. But looking directly at the games that really matter, the new releases, Assassin’s Creed is included: Valhalla, DiRT 5, FIFA 21, Fortnite, Marvel Avenger’s, NBA 2K21, Watch Dog: Legion, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and the Tetris Effect: Connected, that is, no exclusive.