With a post on Twitter the famous game designer Hideo Kojima has revealed that he wants to create a game starring Mads Mikkelsen, entitled Mads Max.

It is known that the famous game designer Hideo Kojima and the actor Mads Mikkelsen are both friends and colleagues, having worked together for Death Stranding, where the latter played Cliff Unger. And apparently Kojima is planning to collaborate with the actor again in the future. With a post on Twitter he has in fact stated that he has several projects in mind with Mikkelsen as the protagonist and one of these is called “Mads Max” . Yes, you read that correctly.

” I have a number of ideas that I want to create with Mads as the main character. I once explained one of them to Mads. He listened intently, but when I told him the title, he broke his face. He seemed to think I was joking. I was serious, though. The tentative title was “MADS MAX“, reads Kojima’s tweet.

Obviously we are sure that Mikkelsen was stunned by the joy and enthusiasm of participating in another project of the brilliant game designer, and certainly not by the casual similarity between the title “Mads Max” with that of a small film series from millions of dollars in takings.

In any case, as Kojima stated, he is certainly not joking about the project, so we can’t wait to learn more about Mads Max in the near future. And if not … well, he still managed to get us a smile, so we are satisfied even so.


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